On Admission

On Admission

Please report at reception on the ground floor. We have a team of dedicated receptionist to make your visit to Louis Pasteur Private Hospital hassel free. We are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

What to bring

Medical aid patients:

  •  Medical aid card
  •  Green identity document or passport
  •  Doctors admission letter
  •  Minors (under 18 years old) should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian

Private patients:

  •  Green identity document or passport
  •  The deposit required for your admission
  •  Should you account exceed this amount you may  be required to make further interim payments.
  •  Should your deposit exceed the final billed account, a refund will be issued.

Methods of payment:

  •  Cash
  •  Debit card
  •  Credit card
  •  Bank-guaranteed cheques

WCA patients

  •  Green identity document
  •  Employers report of the accident


  •  Our pre-booking procedure provides you with the convenience to complete the form with all your details about yourself or the patient so that our receptionist can capture all the provided information, so on the day of admission it saves you a lot of time as information is captured and authorization obtained.
  •  Patients are requested to hand in pre booking forms at least 48-72 hours before admission if possible.
  •  On admission patients are required to bring along doctors admission letter.


Will be paid according to medical scheme rules
Private and semi private rooms

  • An additional fee for a private room will be charged at a minimal fee unless authorized by your medical aid.
  • Mother and child rooms are also available
  • There is also a minimal fee for all lodgers at a minimal fee.
  • All patients can enquire at reception for the applicable fees.

If you have driven to the hospital with your own car, staying overnight or for a few days the hospital can provide parking facilities. Please notify our reception staff who will the give you a parking voucher to give you access to the parking area in the basement.

Louis Pasteur Private Hospital will not take responsibility for the loss of your valuables.
On admission patients should hand over their valuables to our reception staff  to be placed in a safe and the patient will be given a valuable receipt for the valuables

On discharge patients are required to hand in their discharge cards at reception.
Failure to hand in discharge cards can result in an additional charge on your account.

What clients can expect from our receptionist

  • A service to measure up to your demands
  • To be treated as a person of value every time
  • If there is a problem that it can be corrected in an open friendly and courteous manner.